How to Join

No instant membership…I have to wait?  Read on…You’ll get it and we’ll help you.  You’ll need to find someone who is a member and and ask them to sponsor you or the wait list book is the thing to get on.  Not hard to find.  Just ask any of us.

When we opened the doors in 2008, our applications came from locals who hail from New Hope, Solebury and Lambertville, only. If you weren’t from New Hope, Solebury or Lambertville, we told you to just tell us you were, you know, lie.  Since then, our members come from as far as California and as close as our nose.  “Local” means friendly, warm, inviting and agreeing to follow our little set of “rules”.

Membership?  Why membership?  Only 31 counter seats in a tourist town?  How to make sure everyone stays happy?

Chris and Ellen Bollenbacher, owners of The Landing Restaurant since 1976 and our wonderful Bernese Mountain Dog, Fred (yes, Fred was our dog) opened Fred’s Breakfast doors late July 2008 with our group of Charter Members (or first key holders) whom “applied” prior to and upon our opening July 2008.  You will see many of the creative “applications” on this site and hanging on our walls at the restaurant.

The membership has grown over the past few years and although our Charter membership closed, we do maintain a wait list for membership.  People come and go, move, visit seasonally and so, and we have a wait list book which allows you to sign up when sponsored by a member, or if you don’t know a member we welcome you to stop by during our hours during the week and sign the wait list book.  Be sure to read the “RULES” first as everyone needs to follow them.  Good parenting 101.  You’ll see when you read them. The wait list varies in time from 4 weeks to 4+ months so be patient and hang on to your friends.  We make calls when the time is right and are happy to fulfill your desire to join us for breakfast.

The “Application” is one you may make on your own if you would like to, or signing into our wait list book in the restaurant when you are here.  Creative applications submitted by mail sometimes go the top of the list.  Remember to include your address and your 20.00 as we may mail you your key.  Otherwise, we call when your name gets to the top of the list.

(Any other information you wish to include about yourself will eventually be used against you on any slow day where the rest of us need to entertain ourselves.)